Future of Driving

All of AMW’s vehicles (manned/unmanned) will come standard with an artificial intelligence software capable of providing flight training and Autopilot features we call iPilot™.

iPilot not only teaches drivers, it also learns their style to help keep them on track.

Virtual Roadways

In planning a trip, drivers can input their destination into iPilot and will see a virtual roadway appear on the windshield.  A dashed center line will give drivers the impression of a highway in the sky to allow them to stay on track.

Advanced Sensor for 3D vision

Airborne Motorworks will use a combination of cameras, LiDAR, and ultrasonic sensors to provide Spherical Visibility™ around vehicles at up to 250 meters of range.  These sensors will detect nearby hard and soft objects when they encroach on virtual lanes and they will provide guidance when parking.



Autopilot enables automatic steering, acceleration and braking on virtual roadways.


Full Autonomous Capability


AMW vehicles will have hardware for self-driving with safety as a priority. iPilot will allow short and long distance trips with minimal assistance from the driver.

From Home

Drivers simply need to tell their vehicle where to go.