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Airborne Motorworks introduces a novel, patented wind turbine design.

Featuring cutting edge technology, our wind turbine marks a significant leap forward in the global quest for high efficiency, clean and localized wind power generation.

Optimized for microgrid application, the AMW wind turbine includes a host of innovative features that promise to reshape the emerging renewable energy landscape.

The AMW wind turbine offers:


AMW Wind Turbine

Airborne Motorworks (AMW) wind turbine design utilizing patented electromagnetic technology for production of clean, efficient, localized energy from wind.

SIMPLE Design – Incorporating a minimum number of moving parts to keep maintenance costs low, and reliability high.

AMW Wind Turbine Cross Section

AMW co-founder Jesse Marcel on Simplicity of the AMW wind turbine design.

Jesse Marcel discusses the High Energy Conversion rate of the AMW wind turbine.

HIGH ENERGY CONVERSION Delivering an unprecedented wind energy conversion rate of up to 69.7%, the AMW wind turbine nearly doubles the 20% to 40% wind energy conversion of legacy wind turbines.

AMW Wind Turbines on Building

URBAN COMPATIBILITY – Optimized for microgrid applications, the AMW wind turbine brings localized power to the end user thereby minimizing the line losses of remote main grids while enabling autonomous usage. Its low noise and low-profile design make it compatible with local installation.

Jesse Marcel notes the Compatibility of the AMW wind turbine with Urban locations.

Click the play button to view the entire Siemens’ Engineer Innovation podcast featuring AMW’s Jesse Marcel, Chief Design Officer commenting on our novel wind turbine design.
“We believe the patented AMW Wind Turbine to be clearly a novel design capable of extremely high performance, versatility and broad utilization when compared with legacy design equipment.”

Maya HTT

“This groundbreaking technology is expected to play a vital role in increasing the availability of primary and backup power generation in the 100kW to 500kW range with the ability to extend power output above 1MW by synchronizing a bank of our units to power key industrial infrastructure, large buildings, universities, government facilities  and residential communities.”
Hugh McElroy, AMW Executive Chairman and CEO
AMW Wind Turbine Microgrid on Building