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Airborne Motor Works is shaping the future of Vertical Mobility™

The Beginning

Airborne Motor Works (AMW) began over twenty years ago with dreams of building a flying car. Realizing that science was the key, core technologies were born out of those dreams and our company is now ready to commercialize this transformational technology into the real world.

The Team

Airborne Motor Works is an American aerospace and industrial company formed in 2014 by scientists and engineers to create a fundamentally new propulsion and motor technology. To make this vision a reality, our company  invented a propulsion system that is powerful, efficient, safe, and stable. The first patent was awarded in 2015 and this intellectual property forms the basis of AMW technology.

The Future

In the next 9-24 months, our company is focusing on airborne drones utilizing iPilot software and industrial air handlers.

AMW’s delivery drone, the Phoenix, uses our proprietary IRIS drive to exceed the capabilities and utility of competitors with a safe, compact, and efficient workhorse.

The IRIS drive will also be used for the rescue platform and air ambulance that our company has designed.  Manned vehicles capable of saving lives and creating a greener world will follow close behind our drone applications.

In 24-36 months the IRIS drive will be used to power our Genesis flying car and Falcon eVTOL.
Industrial applications will benefit the entire eco system — from energy generation to powerful and efficient motors that can power almost any device.

A Green Tomorrow

Our sustainable green technology will become commonplace in the US and abroad.  Congested city streets will become parks and farmers markets.  The airspace above railways that cut through the countryside will be used as flying car highways interconnecting US cities.




  • Research and development facilities are located in Spokane, Washington.
  • Initial manufacturing will take place outside of Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Corporate management is based in the greater Houston area close to NASA.


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