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Airborne Motorworks, an innovator of a more efficient and “greener” global future

The Company

Airborne Motorworks (AMW) is a U.S. based company that began with the pursuit of new types of flying vehicles that would change the world. AMW was formed in 2018 by scientists and engineers who created a fundamentally new propulsion and industrial motor technology.

Today AMW is working to commercialize this transformational technology into the real world and adapt it to additional applications to increase their efficiency and performance while operating at or near “Net Zero”  green emissions and sustainability. We achieve our mission through passion, integrity, transparency and innovation.

The Team

The founders remain at the central core of AMW today. Highly experienced corporate leadership is in place to grow and navigate the company. Expert advisors have been brought in to provide their insights and broad perspectives to enhance strategic development.

The Future

AMW is focused on flight electrification applications such as drones, eVTOLs  and specialized vehicles. As innovators of a more efficient and greener future, we are also focused on industrial applications such as commercial air handlers and electric power generation.

AMW’s delivery drone, the Phoenix, uses our proprietary IRIS drive to exceed the capabilities and utility of competitors with a safe, compact, and efficient workhorse.

The IRIS drive, that utilizes vectored thrust principles, is also adaptable for use in vehicles such as  rescue, first responder platforms, air ambulances and military special operations.  Additional autonomous and manned vehicles creating a “greener” world will follow in both civilian and military environments.
Industrial applications can  benefit the entire eco system — from energy generation to powerful and efficient motor drive units that can power many applications ranging from Commercial HVAC units to power generation both stationary and mobile.

A Sustainable Tomorrow

Our sustainable technology will become commonplace in the years ahead as the thrust toward “Net-Zero” emission unfolds.  Imagine highly efficient propulsion that does not require chemical fuels, delivers power levels a multiple above what we have today at extremely low heat and noise levels with de minimis greenhouse gas emissions. The global transportation infrastructure will transform to accommodate an onslaught of new vehicle types and airspace management.
Air handling in large buildings will become significantly more efficient and less costly to operate versus legacy systems.  Power generation efficiency will also be significantly increased  at installations that can outperform today’s powerplants. AMW’s focus is on the micro-grid cooperative market with units in the 0.5 to 1 megawatt capacity.




  • Research, engineering and development is accomplished in the State of  Washington.
  • Corporate management is located in the State of Texas.


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