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The Company

Airborne Motorworks (AMW) is a U.S. based company incorporated in 2018 that began with the pursuit of new types of propulsion for electrified vehicles. Today AMW is working to commercialize this “novel” transformational technology to real world applications that significantly increase their efficiency and cost of use while operating at or near “Net Zero”  emissions and sustainability. We achieve our mission through passion, integrity, transparency and innovation.

The Team

A highly experienced leadership team is in place to grow and navigate the company. The founders remain in important roles within the company today.  Expert advisors have been added to provide insights and broad perspectives to enhance AMW strategic development.

Company Future

AMW has been hard at work evolving its energy production devices such as our unique design wind turbine intended for use in land based microgrid applications in city, town and rural applications where high efficiency, reliability, low cost of operation, compact low profile and quiet operation features are critical. As with all our emerging technology, we opt to utilize independent scientific and engineering experts to validate our designs before entering into production manufacturing. Accordingly, Maya HTT was chosen to undertake the simulations and analyses utilizing tools from Siemens Digital Industries Software. Our wind turbine completed all evaluations successfully and delivered results beyond expectations. The AMW wind turbine will soon undergo service trials during 2024 with production manufacturing scheduled to begin early 2025.

AMW has also completed the initial design phase of its new air handling blower systems utilizing similar principles embodied into our wind turbines. These products are intended for use in mining operations, subterranean and above ground industrial application heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC).

In addition to propulsion designs for flight electrification applications such as drones, eVTOLs  and specialized vehicles, AMW’s aerospace product designs can require greater time and resources than some energy and industrial products and will advance as the opportunities present themselves. These include AMW’s delivery drone, the Phoenix, utilizing our proprietary IRIS drive that employs vectored thrust principles adaptable for use in vehicles such as personal vehicles, rescue, first responder platforms, air ambulances and military special operations in both civilian and military environments.

A Sustainable Tomorrow

We anticipate AMW pioneered sustainable technology will become commonplace in the years ahead as the thrust toward “Net-Zero” emissions and the drive for lower cost operations continue to unfold. AMW’s global infrastructure will transform to accommodate an onslaught of high efficiency – low cost localized energy production options through microgrids that will coincide and synergize with main grids to increase electrical service reliability, decrease operating cost and localized control options. New levels of HVAC performance and reduced operating cost will provide robust solutions to handle the global pace of development and demand. And, of course, the genesis of vehicle types and purposes will continue to embrace electrified propulsion as technologies emerge, energy storage capacity multiplies, recharge time shortens, and miniaturization continues.




  • Research, engineering and development is accomplished in the State of  Washington.
  • Corporate management is located in the State of Texas.


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