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At Airborne Motorworks, we never stop dreaming. When we aren’t working to perfect our visionary wind turbines or our HVAC equipment, we let our imaginations run to other areas. Shown here are just a few of the many future products we’re contemplating. With a strong foundation based on our novel Electromagnetic Gyroscopic Propulsion (EGP) technology, we think you’ll be seeing some of these in the not-too-distant future.


Our patented EGP system is designed to be powerful, yet quiet and lightweight while producing Net Zero Emissions. Scalable to any number of flight platforms, its gyroscopically stabilized design promises comfortable yet incredibly flexible performance for a wide range of applications, such as:

Electromagnetic Gyroscopic Propulsion System (EGP)

Delivery Drones

AMW Delivery Drone with IRIS Drive

Useful for the rapidly expanding food and retail delivery industries, the scalability of our delivery drones makes these units adaptable to a much broader range of services that demand heavier payload capacity including medical supplies, blood products, organs, and more.

Flying Platforms


A high lift capacity, fully stabilized flying platform designed for first responders and search and rescue personnel can make the difference at an emergency scene be it a high-rise building rescue, firefighting support, or a remote rescue mission. Manually flown or autonomously operated, our flying platform can be the difference between success or failure, life or death.

AMW Aero Rise Platform with IRIS Drive

Air Ambulance

Aero Ambulance with IRIS Drive

AMW’s autonomous Air Ambulance can be designed to navigate in highly congested areas where other rescue vehicles cannot gain access and be deployed from a fixed location, truck, or helicopter.


Personal transportation above the fray of daily commutes has long been a dream of many. AMW’s flying vehicle design is intended to finally achieve such freedom and flexibility in a highly stable flying machine designed for quiet electromagnetic operation, self-flying capability, and economic operation.

AMW Concept flying vehicle


There are many more ideas on the drawing boards as we fully explore the possibilities made available by Airborne Motorworks’ Electromagnetic Gyroscopic Propulsion system.