Our industrial business unit is focusing on integrating our novel EGP motor into an air handling drive system commonly used in large commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units. The EGP’s torque leverage, compact size, and low heat emissions create an ideal solution that the industry not only needs to improve HVAC efficiency, but demands so they maintain compliance with current and upcoming governmental regulations regarding sustainability and “green energy”. We anticipate that industrial products such as the air handling drive system will enable an earlier revenue generation opportunity at a lower development cost for Airborne Motorworks due to the certification and testing process that is substantially more expedient for industrial products versus that of flight applications. To date we have engineered a viable prototype of an off-the-shelf air handler that could be retrofitted into existing applications.


By utilizing the benefits of EGP, our air handlers can potentially increase the amount of air flow delivered by the same sized Air Handlers that are in use today.  The chamber becomes the driving force of the rotors, greatly reducing the overall parts count while increasing efficiency. The market doesn’t just want this technology, they are demanding it to keep up with emerging Net Zero and other emerging environmental initiatives.


The same principles that drive our Air Handlers can be used to generate electricity. The  torque leverage created by EGP puts energy into a rotor, in this case a flywheel,  that can leverage the energy applied to the flywheel to drive a generator. This will create a highly efficient and reliable electrical power  generation system maximizing the conversion process of electricity to a greener and more efficient application.