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Airborne Motorworks introduces a novel, patented wind turbine design.

Featuring cutting edge technology, our wind turbine marks a significant leap forward in the global quest for high efficiency, clean and localized wind power generation.

Optimized for microgrid application, the AMW wind turbine includes a host of innovative features that promise to reshape the emerging renewable energy landscape.

Airborne Motorworks Industrial Business Unit is focused on integrating our patented EGP (Electromagnetic Gyroscopic Propulsion) motor into an air handling drive system commonly used in large commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units. The EGP’s torque leverage, compact size, and low heat emissions create an ideal solution that the industry not only needs to improve HVAC efficiency, but demands so they maintain compliance with current and upcoming governmental regulations regarding sustainability.

Airborne Motorworks (AMW) is a U.S. based company incorporated in 2018 that began with the pursuit of new types of propulsion for electrified vehicles. Today AMW is working to commercialize this “novel” transformational technology to real world applications such as, low friction microgrid wind turbines for electricity generation, that significantly increase their efficiency and cost of use while operating at or near “Net Zero” emissions and sustainability. We achieve our mission through passion, integrity, transparency and innovation.

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